5 Shows Not To Miss in October 2023

October…London gets ready for Frieze mayhem extravaganza. 'Frieze Week' is traditionally the moment when London hosts the international art world’s most compelling, must-visit mix of fairs, shows, auctions, dinners, parties, and the list goes on.‍ Meanwhile, galleries also dress up to join the party. For this month, I'll be focusing on the UK-London art scene.

MAXWELL STEVENS - “Last Days of Summer”

"Maxwell Stevens: A Contemporary Take on Gestural Abstraction Meets Beach Bliss"

Golden Shower Members Club - "Zeus, changing into a shower of gold, lay with Danae, and from this embrace Perseus was born."

Golden Shower is the new monthly exhibition format conceived by BeAdvisors Art Department, which focuses on putting the best emerging artists in London and worldwide under the limelight. Consistent with BeAdvisors Art Department’s philosophy, our aim is to provide visibility to young non-represented artists, promote their practice, and create innovative experiences that engage a network of collectors and encourage a new, stronger, and more committed community of art lovers. That’s why Golden Shower takes the form of a Members’ Club and offers a new view of the relationship with the artist and with the exhibition.

An Interview with Antoni Ferrer of Galeria Fermay

Year of the Rabbit | Part 1: The Rabbit Hole

Year of the Rabbit | Part 2 : The Twilight Zone

"Every once in a while, a movement comes along that completely throws us off and reminds us how visceral art is."