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5 Shows Not to Miss this March

As spring is starting to bloom this month, we are focusing on London with a small taste of New York. We'll showcase artists we have worked with, introduce new galleries, and present sensational exhibitions, all within just five shows

5 Shows Not to Miss this March
Maja Djordjevic : Hope And Rebirth
Carl Kostyál, London
23 February - 16 March

"Maja Djordjevic’s latest exhibition, 'HOPE AND REBIRTH' at Carl Kostyál, London, is a poignant testament to the artist's profound empathy and unwavering optimism. Through her evocative portrayal of the nude female figure, affectionately termed 'My Girl,' Djordjevic delves into the universal human experience of pain and longing for agency. Each painting in the collection becomes a poignant narrative, inviting viewers to navigate themes of solidarity and empowerment amidst a world in disarray. Djordjevic's masterful use of symbolism, particularly through floral motifs, imbues the artworks with a timeless message of hope and peace.

Maja Djordjevic, ‘Hope and Rebirth’, Carl Kostyál, London. Photography by Ben Westoby. Courtesy of Carl Kostyál and the Artist

The exhibition not only resonates aesthetically but also carries a deeply reflective and introspective tone. Djordjevic's engagement with art history, evident in her references to iconic works and themes, adds layers of depth to the viewing experience. By intertwining elements of past struggles and contemporary challenges, the artist urges viewers to contemplate their place within a broader narrative of human endurance and perseverance. Each painting becomes a mirror reflecting not only the artist's own anguish but also the collective aspirations for a better future.

In 'HOPE AND REBIRTH,' Djordjevic's artistic prowess shines brightly, offering solace and inspiration in equal measure. Through her delicate brushstrokes and poignant imagery, she crafts a narrative that transcends boundaries of language and culture. Ultimately, the exhibition stands as a testament to the enduring power of art to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and instil hope in the face of adversity.


12a Savile Row, London W1S 3PQ

Construct: Curated by Brooke Wilson
Cob Gallery, London
23 February - 23 March 2

Emma Adler | Bobby Dowler | Sylvie Hayes-Wallace | Ali Glover |  Dux Pacifico | Anne Tallentire | Charlotte Thrane

Cob Gallery's latest group exhibition, Construct, curated by Brooke Wilson, delves into the essence of construction through the exploration of object biography, material manipulation, and the process of building meaning. Featuring works by Emma Adler, Bobby Dowler, Sylvie Hayes-Wallace, Ali Glover, Dux Pacifico, Anne Tallentire, and Charlotte Thrane, the exhibition scrutinises construction as a form of communication, utilising various materials and methods to unite disparate elements into new structures and interpretations. Meticulous profiling of found objects , playful reinvention tactics as well as forms challenging  conventional notions of painting and sculpture, the artists prompt reflections on art history, authenticity, and personal and social narratives through the transformation of everyday objects.

Emma Adler | Softshell (02.101), 2023

Using domestic objects and architectural elements as catalysts for new interpretations and narratives is something I cannot exclude from this list. Navigating themes of authenticity, gender, social conformity, and the poetic possibilities inherent in material transformation, the show is blurring the boundaries between construction and deconstruction, offering a compelling dialogue on the interplay between personal, collective, and societal narratives. Ultimately, it challenges viewers to decode the world around them through the lens of artistic creation and reinterpretation.

Cob Gallery

205 Royal College Street

London NW1 0SG

Pol Wah Tse Solo Exhibition
Final Hot Desert
24 February - 23 March

On the first floor of 5 Bowman street, Pol Wah tse is taking the piss at painting. Traversing within the core principles of painting and sculpture, Pol is blurring the lines of ‘what's what’ working on  a critical and calculated miscommunication of materials and although a sculptor the exhibition offers a glimpse on the sharp history and identity of painting. On a well curated installation containing wall pieces and three sculptures of pots that continuously boiling colour spilling in the walls and the floors the whole exhibition recalls that freshness of the teenage liminal space between boiling rage and obsession.  It is simple in presentation yet complicated in feelings, clumsy yet precise. 

Pol Wah Tse's exhibition at Final Hot Desert transcends the medium of painting to become immersive sculptural experiences. The surfaces eschew depth, vibrating with a palpable texture positioned meticulously within the space. Through a seamless connection, his work is forming intriguing architectural compositions that draw us into long, tunnel-like passages disrupting the boundaries between painting and sculpture.‘

Final Hot Desert, Pol Wah Tse, Image :STUDIO Daniel Browne

Final Hot Desert

Flat 3, 5 Bowman’s Mews

London, United Kingdom

Perrotin New York, New York
24 Feb- 6 Apr 

Jason Boyd Kinsella, acclaimed for his unorthodox approach to portraiture, disrupts conventional notions of likeness in his art. Rejecting typical facial features, his portraits delve into the depths of human psychology, transcending surface appearances to explore profound emotional truths. Drawing inspiration from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Kinsella crafts intricate compositions of geometric forms that symbolise intricate personality traits, seamlessly blending classical techniques with modern sensibilities.

Despite my initial scepticism on salon style curation, I am intrigued by the intricate 'moonscape' Kinsella constructs in this multidimensional exhibition. Through a multidisciplinary seamless integration, he prompts profound contemplations on identity and human connection. Each piece serves as a nuanced self-portrait, subtly reflecting the artist's existential musings and the fragile nature of existence. With meticulous craftsmanship and a discerning eye for detail, Kinsella invites viewers to navigate the delicate balance between connection and isolation, capturing the essence of the human experience. His work not only challenges the confines of traditional portraiture but also provides a compelling commentary on the complexities of contemporary life and the evolving dynamics of human interaction in the digital era.

Perrotin New York

130 Orchard Street, NY 10002

Tue-Sat 10am-6pm

Field Of Difference
Palmer Gallery
8 March - 6 April 2024

Adam Boyd | Albano Hernandez | Bea Bonafini | Divine Southgate-Smith | Francisca Sosa López | Gusty Ferro | Jennifer Carvalho | Karolina Dworska | Norberto Spina | Ramah Al-Husseini | Rowley Haynes.

Following a well-marketed campaign, the inaugural exhibition at Palmer Gallery has arrived, presenting a strong lineup of emerging artists, most of whom we have previously covered. This serves as a prelude to Palmer Gallery's vision of promoting and supporting cross-disciplinary artistic practices. FIELD OF DIFFERENCE introduces eleven artists who embody the gallery's ethos. From Adam Boyd's intricate multimedia tapestries to Albano Hernandez's sculptural paintings crafted from clay slices, each artist brings a unique perspective to the space.

Housed within a former factory at Lisson Grove with a rich industrial heritage - just as factories blend various materials to create something new, FIELD OF DIFFERENCE amalgamates diverse artistic voices, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration and creativity. The gallery is setting a promising precedent.

Palmer Gallery - Opening March 7th 6pm

15 Hatton Street


Lisson Grove


Irene Pouliassi

Irene Pouliassi

Mar 5, 2024

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