5 Shows Not To Miss This April

April arrives with the melodious chirping of birds, stirring excitement for the summer holidays already planned, and Venice gearing up for its biennial extravaganza. Devoting just a monthly recommendation to this would be sacrilege. Instead, let's focus on a feast sweeping across Europe this month and lasting until September, offering a plethora of orgasmic exhibitions.


With less than a week until the press reviews and a 10-day countdown to the inauguration of the 2024 Biennale,the art world's spotlight converges on Adriano Pedrosa and the 332 artists poised to define the contemporary art landscape at the Giardini and the Arsenale. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of our times, Pedrosa's curated exhibition for the 60th iteration of this prestigious event is a testament to the global currents of migration and the vibrant tapestry of queer and indigenous voices.

An Art Collector's Interview with Sonia Borrell - Tryson Collection

"An artwork must resonate with me on a personal level; it's essential that I can perceive the narrative woven into every piece I consider. I listen for the artist's voice in their work, sensing the pulse of their passion. There must be that moment—a kind of heartbeat—when I first lay eyes on a piece. If that heartbeat isn’t there, if the work doesn't stir something within me, I simply can't bring myself to add it to my collection."

5 Shows Not to Miss this March

As spring is starting to bloom this month, we are focusing on London with a small taste of New York. We'll showcase artists we have worked with, introduce new galleries, and present sensational exhibitions, all within just five shows

TRANSHUMANISM - Joanna Grochowska

Although we are bombarded by fictional characters from a distant future where technology has taken over- many times presenting it in a post apocalyptic environment, we are much closer and affected then we ever thought, and Joanna Grochowska’s transgressive figures are the answer to a post generational beauty definitely adding to the desire of becoming a limitless being.

5 Shows Not to Miss in February