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5 Shows Not To Miss in September

5 Shows Not To Miss in September


Spruth Magers - Sylvie Fleury: S.F.

Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers seem to be working wonders again by opening the season to celebrate the gallery’s longstanding relationship with Swiss contemporary pop artist Sylvie Fleury. Once again, Fleury is expected to deconstruct the established conventions of consumption, engendering a dynamic interplay between fashion and art, while interrogating the relationship between desire and fetishism, showcasing a few of her iconic pieces alongside new ones produced especially for the exhibition

Fleury's art taps into the ambivalence inherent in shallowness, delving into subversions, paradoxes, verities, and principles through materialistic elements that she identifies as indicative of our contemporary era, using the flashy tactics of modern advertising. She digs into the weird connection between super fancy stuff and disposable culture while at the same time, she creates playful puns on modern economy looks, addressing the pink elephant in the room of today's art world-fetishism.

Sprüth Magers

7A Grafton Street

London, W1S 4EJ

Opening: 21 Sep 2023, 18:00 - 20:00

22 Sep 2023 – 28 Oct 2023

Tue–Sat, 10am–6pm

and by appointment

Tate Britain - SARAH LUCAS


28 SEPTEMBER 2023 – 14 JANUARY 2024

It would be sacrilege not to include this exhibition in this month's Top 5. Sarah Lucas’s Exhibition at Tate Britain. The exhibition promises to showcase her versatile artistic expressions through sculptures, installations, and photography, all narrated by the artist herself shedding light on her lesser-known pre-1990s YBA 1990s YBA Years.

There's no need to introduce the artist further, as her name alone warrants adding the exhibition to any must-see list, it is a much anticipated exhibition that will use herself(?)- the artist as subject- once again highlighting the absurdity of everyday life through her analytical yet voyeuristic critical humour.

New York

Phyllida Barlow


The final big playful sculpture in a series by the late British artist Phyllida Barlow.

In New York now and even though not a September starter, PRANK is totally worth a spot in the September top 5. Curated by Nicholas Baume, Artistic & Executive Director of the Public Art Fund, with the initial groundwork laid by former Public Art Fund Curator Daniel S. Palmer, PRANK was completed prior to the unfortunate passing of Barlow in March 2023 and It signifies an important milestone as her inaugural exhibition crafted employing durable outdoor materials. Posthumously the artist embraces the magnitude, materials, and heritage of grand outdoor sculptures, reinterpreting them through  her distinctly human perspective by defying gravity to scale stairs, grasp edges, and maintaining balance on unconventional structures, as though engaged in a performance.

City Hall Park

New York

6 Jun 2023 – 26 Nov 2023

Address: Broadway & Chambers St,

New York

New York

NY 10007

United States


Max Goelitz

Rindon Johnson solo exhibition Five

Starting from Berlin, Max Goelitz kicks off with a strong start and two strongly recommended exhibitions to keep an eye on, whether in Munich or Berlin. Moving on to Munich, Future Generation Prize Nominee Rindon Johnson presents an expanded version of their project, previously showcased at Pinchuk Art Centre in Kyiv, accompanied by a new body of work.

Drawing from their science fiction novel 'Clattering,' a collaborative effort with writer Rainer Diana Hamilton, Johnson challenges hierarchical structures and questions the dualism of the status quo through a narrative that transcends gender, hunger, war, and physical violence.

Rindon Johnson is a versatile artist and author, seamlessly blending language into both sculptural and virtual realms. Johnson's exploration encompasses the intricate interplay between physical and digital spaces, as well as the profound impact of language on shaping these realities. The artist adeptly employs a fusion of words, technology, and objects to craft multi-layered works. Johnson's creative expressions span a wide spectrum, ranging from publishing and virtual reality to augmented reality and hands-on work with materials such as leather, wood, and stone.


Opening | Berlin

Wednesday 13 September

6 – 9 pm


Max Goelitz

Failed Transcendence

Now in Munich, the gallery features an artistic collaboration between Nicolás Lamas from the Meessen De Clercq gallery in Brussels and Jeremy Shaw. This unique exhibition, titled "Failed Transcendence," brings together the creative efforts of Haroon Mirza, Helga Dóróthea Fannon, and Niko Abramidis & NE, coinciding with the events of Various Others and Open Art 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the writings of author Tom McCarthy, this group of artists has united around the theme of failure, seeking to challenge conventional notions of authenticity while delving into the complexities of attaining elevated states of consciousness across different temporal dimensions. The exhibition delves into Jeremy Shaw's exploration of altered states, Nicolás Lamas' intriguing study of the interplay between nature and artificiality, Haroon Mirza and Helga Dóróthea Fannon's fusion of technology and spirituality, as well as Niko Abramidis & NE's intriguing blend of the physical and the virtual.

In this multidimensional exhibition, the artworks serve as a medium for dialogue, revealing distinct layers of truth and reality. Through their diverse approaches, the artists encourage viewers to contemplate the limits of human experience and the intricate relationship between the tangible and the ethereal.

Failed Transcendence

8 september - 21 october 2023


Chisenhale Gallery - Benoît Piéron solo exhibition

Piéron's upcoming Chisenhale commission is poised to generate a novel assemblage of artworks that delve into the domains of illness and hallucination, revealing their inherent capacity for opulence and profusion. Through the crafting of instances, installations, and objects, his creative endeavours disentangle the allure of plants, the boundaries of the human form, and the fleeting nature of waiting rooms. His portfolio encompasses an array of creations, ranging from cosmogonic cabins and mosaic-like tents to intricately hand-drawn wallpapers and cultivated gardens, all epitomizing Piéron's artistic ethos of resilience and survival. Navigating the ambiguity of existence, mortality, and immunity, his artistic approach derives inspiration from the realm of hospitals and medical settings, repurposing their elements to unveil alternative captivating realities that transcend conventional divisions and limits.

Opening: 14 Sep 2023

15 Sep 2023 – 12 Nov 2023

Chisenhale Gallery

Irene Pouliassi

Irene Pouliassi

Aug 26, 2023

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