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5 Shows Not to Miss in November 2023

5 Shows Not to Miss in November 2023



Group exhibition: Willie Cole, Maja Djordjevic, Oli Epp, Liam Fallon, Al Freeman, Paa Joe, Rosie McGinn, Christopher Page, Rafa Silvares, Emma Stern, Qualeasha Wood, Nokukhanya Langa, Michael Ross, Nick Doyle and Jerry Wilkerson.

Curated by Oli Epp and Mollie Barnes

This exhibition offers a captivating foray into a realm where the boundaries between illusion and reality blur, and portals serve as gateways to uncharted territories. 

Showcasing a group of ‘must watch artists’ skillfully employing a plethora of different techniques, contemplative explorations of spaces within spaces, and a delicate dance between illusion and reality.

Nov 3 - Dec 16, 2023

21 Cortlandt Alley, 2nd Floor, New York

The Perimeter,

Anna Uddenberg: HOME WRECKERS

Anna Uddenberg. Enough said! 

Though her thought-provoking critique of the commodification and objectification of the female body in consumerist culture, her 'HOMEWRECKERS', her faceless and larger-than-life, grotesquely hypersexualized female figures, pointing us out just how crazy it is to sex up everything from couches to laundry detergents.

Fancy interiors, cozy furnishings with sofas and carpets…All settings  that underscore the artificial and contrived associations between femininity and domesticity. Conjuring images of spaces one might find in homes, hotels, or staged reality TV environments, reinforcing their accessibility and familiarity.

7th October -  22nd December

The Perimeter, 20 Brownlow Mews, London, WC1N 2LE

Stephen Friedman Gallery, New York

Deborah Roberts: What about us?

Sarah Roberts' artistic journey has been a testament to her dedication and prowess. Her upcoming exhibition in New York is not only a significant milestone but also her third collaboration with the gallery. Known for her exceptional ability to depict Black children and adolescents, Roberts uses vibrant colors and striking patterns set against white or black backgrounds. Through collage, a medium with a rich history of challenging norms and conventions since the early twentieth century,  her upcoming show will feature some of her largest works to date, Composing works using found materials sourced from the internet, literature, and photographs, and juxtaposing these with hand-painted details, Roberts deconstructs stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream visual culture. Combining a range of skin tones, facial features, hairstyles, and clothing, she presents an expansive, multidimensional view of Blackness.

3 November–22 December 2023

Stephen Friedman Gallery, New York

If you are in London you have a few more days to visit Free The Wind, The Spirit, and The Sun’ – a new exhibition by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare CBE RA – and the first to take place at its new London home on Cork Street, Mayfair.

Yinka Shonibare CBE RA: Free The Wind, The Spirit, and The Sun

6 October - 11 November 2023

Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

'Time on my hands' a show by Mark Whalen 

Casa Gilardi presented by SAENGER Galería.⁠


In the heart of Mexico City, Mark Whalen presents his latest solo exhibition, aptly titled "Time on My Hands." This exhibition marks Whalen's inaugural solo show marked by the presence of his unique maquettes that come to life on expansive canvases filled with vibrant colors. The playfulness that defines Casa Gilardi, with its deep reds reminiscent of traditional Mexican sweets, the addition of a magenta wall by the swimming pool designed purely for pleasure, and the brightly painted walls meticulously smoothed to create the illusion of light, finds a harmonious reflection in Whalen's use of fluorescent hues, whimsical facial expressions, and dynamic body language within his works.

November 8th, 2023.⁠


Calle Manuel Dublán No. 33, Col. Tacubaya ·

Ciudad de México México. c.p. 11870

NBB Gallery


NBB Gallery brings to Berlin Los Angeles-based artist Robert Pokorny   and his solo show ''State of Mind,' .If you're into bold, energetic art that delves into the human psyche, you're in for a treat.

Robert Pokorny's style is all about raw expression, and his stylized characters are at the heart of his captivating portrait paintings. With bold strokes and a vibrant palette, he embarks on a journey through the intricate world of human emotions. His mastery of colour, lines, shapes, and technique is on full display in this exhibition, offering a visual feast for your eyes and soul.



LOCATION: Karl-Marx-Allee 85 10243 Berlin

OPENING: November 10th 2023, 6-9 PM

OPEN: Thursdays & Fridays 12-6 PM or by appointment

Irene Pouliassi

Irene Pouliassi

Nov 2, 2023

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